dumpster rentals in Troy, NY

Capital Region Affordable Dumpster Rental Can Help With Your Project Cleanup

Learn about our roll-off dumpsters & dumpster rental service in Troy, Latham & Albany, NY

Your DIY project is supposed to enhance your home, not bury it in debris. To keep your property clean while you beautify your space, reach out to Capital Region Affordable Dumpster Rental. You can take advantage of our residential dumpster rental service right away.

Call 518-892-6354 today to ask about our dumpster rental service. Our reliable drivers will always deliver and pick up your 12- or 20-yard dumpster in Troy, Latham & Albany, NY right on time.

Worried about where to put it? We'll help you find an ideal spot, then place it with the utmost care.

Save money while you save the planet

When you reach out to us for a residential dumpster rental, you're doing more than just saving yourself money. You're also supporting your community and saving the planet. Capital Region Affordable Dumpster Rental stays committed to being a green company by:


  • Recycling as much of your debris as possible with cutting-edge recycling technology.
  • Disposing of your waste in safe landfills with responsible management.
  • Donating any usable lumber, scrap metal and items to people in the Troy, Latham & Albany, NY community.




Contact us today to get your residential dumpster rental in Troy, Latham & Albany, NY. You can feel confident knowing that your debris is handled responsibly.